Intrusion detection

Protect your online environment with multi-layered internet security incorporating our managed intrusion detection and prevention services


Are you confident that firewall and anti-virus tools are sufficient to protect your network and IT systems against attack? Although both are essential, truly safe multi-layered security also requires intrusion detection and prevention. Network IDS and network IPS are perimeter security technologies that work in combination with firewalls to detect and block all incoming malicious traffic from your servers.

In fact, network IDS and network IPS, including application firewalling, are both considered so important that the payment card industry makes them a requirement for all companies requiring PCI-DSS accreditation.

Monitor, detect and prevent network intrusions

Our managed intrusion detection and prevention service monitors, detects and reports any intrusion attempts or misuse, inside and outside the network. It takes effective remedial action, preventing downtime and protecting your online revenues.

Intrusion detection works by unobtrusively examining packets of information as they cross the network and analysing patterns against a large attack/threat signature database to detect anomalies. Intrusion prevention will then stop any attacks, such as the Blaster worm and SQL server injection.

Key benefits of our intrusion detection and prevention service

  • Real-time protection:
    Proactively detect and block malicious traffic in your network, in real-time;
  • Continuous operation:
    Ability to retain normal system performance in the case of malicious outbreak;
  • Round-the-clock service:
    24/7 monitoring and management of devices by experienced security analysts and operators;
  • Self-service:
    Web-based service portal, where incident reports, statistics and monthly reports are available. This ensures transparency in service delivery;
  • Comprehensive reporting:
    Reports can be formatted ready for your internal security and compliance audits thus saving your time and energy.

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