A higher demand for customized products and services in the industrial manufacturing sector is leading to creation of more rationalized designs, greater standardization and modularity across products. Global competition and the need to protect profits is forcing manufacturers in this sector to adopt best practices along with other measures to increase quality of products and services.


Mercury Group Uganda is a preferred partner of global industrial manufacturing companies in their strategic IT initiatives. We have clients in various sub-segments of industrial manufacturing sector such as Capital Equipment, Construction & Farm Equipment, Machinery and Appliances manufacturing.


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What Mercury Group Uganda Provides

MGU partners with industrial manufacturers to achieve their business objectives such as containing costs, improving operating efficiencies across the value chain including manufacturing, procurement and logistics, plant maintenance, sales, distribution and aftermarket areas, and improving the time-to-market of new products.

MGU leverages various industry standard best practices, management principles, tools and techniques, and methodologies such as SCOR, Theory of Constraints, Simulated Value Stream Mapping and Lean Principles to deliver its services. 

MGU’ Industrial Manufacturing services include the following:

  • Streamlining business processes across the enterprise
  • Agile and responsive supply chain management
  • Enable equipment and spares sales through efficient channel management
  • Spare parts inventory optimization
  • Warranty process life cycle & field service management
  • Seamless production management
  • Benchmark supply chain performance to industry standards like SCOR
  • Enterprise wide analytics for actionable information

      MGU Servitization Solution – Client Experience

  • One Simple ABB – SAP Implementation: The One Simple ABB initiative began in 2006, aiming to harmonize ABB’s shared services, finance, HR and IS with the largest component being an ERP transformation that consolidated over 20 disparate systems. Mercury Group Uganda’ help in making sure the core system works allows ABB, a leader in power and automation, to be more competitive in the market, allowing faster delivery to the customer and focus on the customer.

The MGU – TAFE Relationship: TAFE is a leading manufacturer of Tractors in India. MGU and TAFE relationship has grown since 2001 and today MGU is a Preferred Strategic IT Partner. Mercury Group Uganda provides TAFE with services in IT consulting and business advisory in technology and domain areas.

Some key engagements include the following:

  • Developing  Warranty Management System
  • Developing Lead Management System
  • Designing  Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Developing  Information Management System (TIMS)
  • Designing a New Product Introduction (NPI) Strategy and Process 
  • System Enablement of NPI through PLM implementation 

Mercury Group Uganda works with a diversified global industrial manufacturer to provide services in ERP, ADM, Engineering and EAI. We leverage our global network to support applications across Europe, Asia and North America including performance engineering support and test automation support. TCS supports the following key areas:

  • Global Oracle ERP support and maintenance
  • Web methods integration and development
  • EDP testing services
  • Engineering services in product development
  • Data warehouse consulting and support

About Us

We are a team of multi-disciplinary professionals covering all technical and sales areas with a wide range of IT services covering a broad spectrum of solutions ranging from Data Center Solutions, Security & virtualization, ATM & BFSI Solutions, E-Government & Enterprise Resource Management and many other Product ranges.